7 Tricks for Healthier Sleep in the Summer Heat

You find it difficult to fall soundly asleep during hot summer nights? There are several simple tricks that will make you sleep tighter and feel better.

  1. Keep your bedroom cool all day

To make your bedroom feel more refreshing at night, try to keep its temperature low all day long. If your bedroom is on a sunny side, consider moving to a room that is not filled with sunshine during the day hours.

The best temperature for sleep is between 60 to 67 degrees Fahrenheit. By maintaining it during the day you won’t need to cool the room below the limit in order to overcome heat transfer from the furniture, walls and items in the room.

2. Use fan instead of air conditioner

It’s better to allow the access of fresh air into your bedroom and increase its interfusion and cooling by using a fan instead of air conditioning that, though cooling, dehydrates air and, if not maintained correctly and timely, can saturate it with dust particles and parasites.

Also, using fans instead of air conditioners is energy effective, and can be considered a step toward green living.

Photo by nomao saeki on Unsplash

3. Use bed linen made of natural materials only

Sheets, pillowcases, bedspreads — you need everything made of natural materials, not synthetics. Silk, cotton allow access of air to your body so that sweat is naturally evaporated from your skin and is cooling it.

The same goes for the nightwear if you prefer sleeping in pajamas. Change linen as often as possible and consider drying your laundry outside in the sun and fresh air.

4. Use ice

To cool your body before going to bed, you can use a water bottle with ice, applying it for several minutes to the key points: knees, elbows, to the forehead, feet and hands.

However, it should be remembered that such a procedure should not be long-term, in any case you should not go to sleep with an ice bottle in your bed and of course you should not use it for children.

5. Cool your blanket

As an extreme, try and cool your blanket by refrigerating it! Put it into the zip lock packet and put into refrigerator for half an hour or freezer for 5–10 minutes.

The “refrigerated” blanket needs to be used over an easy sheet, so that you don’t catch a cold. It will warm up gradually, but you will have enough time to fall asleep.

6. Moisture is important

Check the humidity in the bedroom. If air is too dry it will prevent you from falling asleep in a natural sound way. Use humidifiers in the bedroom and all over the house.

Also do not forget to maintain natural moisture level of your body by drinking 2 liters (68 oz)of water throughout a day. Keep a glass of water at the nightstand so you can sip at night. Also it will evaporate and naturally humidify the air.

7. Move around

If you feel that you cannot fall asleep, swap your pillow, turn the sheets, change your position in bed. If your room is too hot, or the air is stale, consider moving to another room.

Also remember that doctors encourage sleeping on the left side as the most healthy sleep position.


You need at least 8 hours of sleep each night to keep your energy level high, to be productive and creative at work and enjoy life. It might be difficult to achieve during hot summer nights, but with these simple tricks you can improve your sleeping even in the heat.

Do you have your own tricks for better sleep in the summer? Share in the comments!

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