Beginner’s Guide To Hong Kong with a Teen: Local Advice

You have a couple of days to explore one of the greatest cities of the world, limited amount of time because you are travelling on business, and a curious teen who wants to be entertained. Does it sound familiar?

I experienced this in Hong Kong trying to compile a list of places interesting both for me and my 13-year old. I would not be able to manage without advice from my local friends, and now I want to share this list with you.

Hong Kong skyline

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Tokyo: On the search for peaceful sanctuaries

Explore several wonderful spots to unplug and recreate in the busiest city of the world

Tokyo. Probably the most busy and vivacious city in the world. Its pace really helps you to stay tuned when you are traveling on business — you just need to take a deep breath and feel the inner beat of this huge city heart.

But sometimes you just need to take a break. Even in Tokyo. Even on business. Let’s go out today to find some places for silent rest and relaxation!

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