5 Tips for Every Day of the Week That Will Make You More Productive

Tricks That Are Not Exactly Related to Your Work but That Allow You to Work Better

Not all days of the week are equal and we are not exactly at the same level of productivity and inspiration throughout the week.

There are some little things you can do each day of the week to kick start your work process. They are not directly connected to your professional duties but they allow you to feel better, more confident and strong, and therefore, boost your productivity.

  1. Monday — Make it fun!

The first day of the week can be a bit overwhelming with all the things on the list to be done. And here comes the fun part. Cheat! Select the easiest and less time-consuming task from your to-do list and accomplish it first thing in the morning on Monday.

We all love lists and we love to mark things done on them. Play a game with them. By having at least one “checked” item, you will improve your self-confidence and develop a positive attitude towards the rest of the things to be done. Gamify as much as possible, for example, by giving yourself little prizes for every checked item.

Another shortcut to give your week a smooth start is to decrease the stress level before it even starts. Wake up 15 minutes earlier than usual, meditate, and take a short walk instead of driving right to the office doors. By doing this, you will let your brain get accustomed to the new week’s plans.

And take my word for that, the feeling of accomplishment is amazing!

2. Tuesday — Make it feel less stressful

Tuesday is perhaps the most challenging day of the week. It’s not Monday with its energy and a fresh-start feeling and there’s still a lot of time left till the weekend.

To tackle the hard feeling, let’s improve the energy level of our body and brain. Consider eating some nuts, a small bite of bitter chocolate, or dry fruit snacks between meals. Have a protein reach lunch and drink herbal teas (preferably mint, chamomile, lavender) throughout the day.

When creating my fitness schedule, I usually plan power training for Tuesday to boost my energy level. Consider the same to make your body produce more hormones of happiness.

If you can choose a day to work from home, let it be Tuesday. Anything that will let you feel more relaxed without decreasing the energy level will do.

3. Wednesday — Mid-week celebration

I got the best advice for making Wednesdays more productive when I lived in Japan. Many companies there plan “nomikai” (small parties) for co-workers on Wednesday nights.

It ensures you won’t stay long in the office. Going out helps to relax and unplug from busy mid-week mindset and if your company supports this kind of activity, it improves relationships between colleagues and makes the overall office life more friendly and easy going.

Something to look forward to in the middle of the week!

You can make it even better, declaring Wednesday’s a family night. You don’t have to wait for Friday or weekend to plan something fun with kids or relatives.

Make it your day to visit, call, or text friends and parents. Talking to or seeing loved ones will ease the tension of the work week and make you feel more relaxed and ready to move forward.

4. Thursday — Me-day

For me, Thursday usually is the most productive day (maybe losing only to Monday). To-do lists are almost completed, due to the little tricks I already shared I’m still rather energetic, but what about personal, not work related things?

To improve the quality of life, we all need a regular reminder not to over concentrate only on career and work duties. Reserve some time for yourself! Thursday is an ideal night for:

  • one more fitness session (I’d suggest cardio this time);
  • yoga training;
  • a long walk instead of driving;
  • at least 30 minutes dedicated to your hobby;
  • a visit to SPA, etc.

Why spending time on these activities increases your level of productivity at work? Because unplugging from business goals in the middle of a busy week gives you a better perspective and it’s a psychologically proven fact that switching between completely different activities that require different types of thinking (like crisis management at work and meditating or learning a foreign language after that) improves the efficiency of all of them.

5. Friday — That’s it, we are done!

Most of us tend to relax on Fridays. TGIF, the weekend is almost here! Due to the little tricks we already know, it’s easier to get everything done without overstressing.

But before we set off to enjoy the Friday night, let’s make the start of the next week easier by creating a new to-do list and selecting an easy-to-accomplish task that will be completed first thing in the morning next Monday! 😉

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