Что такое Express Entry to Canada: интервью с консультантом по иммиграции

Сегодня мы беседуем с Оленой Королёвой — сертифицированным консультантом по иммиграции в Канаду.

For #digitaledu: Today’s interview with Olena Koroleva, a certified immigration consultant based in Toronto, was recorded as part of our project to share more information about the Express Entry. I already published a blog post regarding our own experience during the process, but I felt that our readers require more specific, professional advice on the subject. Olena kindly responded to my idea and shared a lot of useful and helpful data for those who consider immigration to Canada. We talked in Russian because most of the audience search for and consume this information in that way, so it was more convenient and useful for Olena to share it like that.

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